Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just some graphic playing...

So lately my paper scrapping stuff is piled under baby stuff and I haven't had the motivation to digi scrap, either. But I have put together a few cute little graphics here and there. Here are my faves lately.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Getting closer

So tomorrow I'll be at 34 weeks...6 weeks to go. I can't believe it! I've been feeling healthier, with almost no nausea (KNOCK ON WOOD!!) which is great! I was sick with bronchitis for about 2 weeks and that was miserable as my lungs are already getting smushed by a baby and then they were full of crap to boot. I'm about over it now and starting to look forward to Christmas at least a little bit. We went Christmas shopping with my hubby's parents today and they kept trying to get me to pick stuff, but I just really have a hard time wanting anything for myself right now. I did pick up 2 huge paper stacks from DCVW at Joann's...I love the variety in them and they've always got something good for a themed page/album.
My sister and her husband are coming the day after Christmas and staying through the weekend. We've been busy trying to get the guest room/nursery cleaned up and presentable for their visit...but the bed is still covered COVERED in baby stuff. We'll get there, I'm sure...it is frustrating, though.
I also just found out my friends who are traveling nurses will finally be putting down "roots" for the next 2 1/2 years. Joe will be going back to school for nurse anesthethist (yeah, I can't spell that, forget it) in Philly so they'll be parking their hineys there for awhile. I'm super excited to have them back in the state again for a good while. And Philly will be cool because it's so rich in history, I can't wait to visit. AND it's close to NYC. Woohoo! I see many fun trips in the next few years...hopefully baby likes to travel.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Still hanging in there...

This picture was last week...28 weeks 4 days... I had a few good days of not being too sick feeling, but it doesn't seem it's going to last...darn! Then I had my 1 hour glucose screen and failed! But, today was the 3 hour test and I got a call already that I passed! Thank goodness my husband's aunt works at the office so she called, otherwise I probably wouldn't have heard anything until my appt on Monday.
Saturday is my baby shower. I'm really looking forward to it. Should be fun, I just hope I feel good unlike my first shower.
I've been attempting to scrap a few generic pages for the baby to use as a Christmas present for the grandmas next year. I'm thinking that I'm probably not going to have much scrapping time once this kid gets here, and trying to prepare...hehe.
Other than that, life just moves on...sometimes fast and sometimes slow. I can't believe it's Thanksgiving next week! And today we got some snow! Oh my!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Checking back in...

Well alot of time has gone by, but not much has changed too drastically. The belly keeps getting bigger, even though I keep losing weight... I had my last day of work the end of August...hooray! Our county fair started the same day. I entered some of my pictures from California, and my surfer picture actually won 1st prize in the landscapes/seascapes division. I was quite surprised and happy. I had a horrible bladder infection the middle of September. And then we headed out to Indiana for a visit and a baby shower. Luckily, the morning sickness seems to be tapering off. I've had some very nauseous moments lately, but mostly due to pain from the bladder infection and now I think I have a rib out of place that I really need to make an appointment to have looked at, but keep forgetting. Over all I'm feeling more decent and restless. I want to do things, but don't know what those things are yet...and I don't quite have the energy/stamina to do much of anything, but my brain sure goes a mile a minute. I'm hoping to work on scrapbooking some once my husband goes back to work on Monday...but for this weekend we're going to try to get the old junk room cleaned out to be transformed into a baby's haven. Should be fun!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New digi page

Threw this together while I'm waiting on hubby to get home. We're heading to my mom's for dinner tonight. The pictures were taken in the woods behind our house...quite literally our backyard.

I'm still sick. I decided the stress at the bank was getting too much and put in my 2 weeks notice. My last day is Aug. 30. I am going to be looking for another job...out of necessity not desire. Being so sick does not make one interested in money making whatsoever. I'm hoping for a job at a grocery store or something easy like that....just worried how my legs will hold out as they don't seem to like me standing or walking too much right now.

We're headed to Indiana the end of September for a visit. That will be nice. Probably the last time I'll see my family there until after the baby is born.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Quick update

Just playing with some pictures from the beach there... Not really my update.

So, I'm almost 15 weeks pregnant now...still have morning sickness...and have been working like crazy which is why no updates I guess.
Then this past week I got another stomach flu on top of everything and ended up getting I.V. fluids at the doctor's office. I missed the entire week of work (I'm sure they're thrilled with me...oh well!). And then yesterday I threw my back out just taking the dogs off of their leashes. Now I can barely move or take care of myself, and they can't really give me any drugs other than Tylenol so I have to suffer through and hope it works itself out by Monday so I can get back to work...rah. I did get a note from the doctor saying I can only work a max of 25 hours now, so hopefully that might help a bit...we'll see.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Moment captured

So I tried to get my creative juices flowing again...I don't think that worked out too well here...but it's acceptable. I love this picture I took while out visiting my friends in California. It's a picture of Joe taking a picture of Loretta. I just think it's so fun...especially when I remember back to how I slid back off of the log I was sitting on and was basically laying down to take this shot. Really good memories.
They'll be home in July. I can't wait! They're planning on coming down for a visit. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze them into my busy friggin work schedule! It's been nuts! I work part-time people! How many part-timers do you know who get overtime? It's ridiculous. And to top that off, I got the stomach flu on top of morning sickness and landed myself in the ER with dehydration! I had to call off of work 3 days for that. I wish I could have been healthy and enjoyed that time off!
There's so much I would like to get done before the baby comes...and you can say, sure...you still have 7 months to go...no big deal, plenty of time. But when you feel crappy and exhausted and work half of your life away...it doesn't leave much time for doing the fun things. Hopefully things will slow down soon...but there's no sight of that for awhile...
On a plus side, I didn't get to go to the Memory Works retreat, but one of the nice ladies who did had a drawing for some goodies for us poor schmucks! Well, I won! Yippee! I can't wait to get my goodies! Thanks, Betsy!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No updates, oy!

Well, I've been a slacker lately, but with good reason. On June 2nd we found out at long last we are pregnant! Hooray, hoorah! But boy, my body knows it too! It seems like all I do is work and sleep so there's no time for scrapping or anything else at this point. I do seem to be waking up a bit more lately...not as sleepy...but pretty nauseated. Hopefully soon I'll feel better and ready to do my normal things again! We've already had blood tests to confirm and an ultrasound at my fertility doctor. My first OB appointment is on July 3rd. I can hardly wait!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Nothing much to say. Been busy busy with the merger at work and life in general...I found time at some point to throw these together and since I'm archiving everything on here for my future reference...here they be.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Family Photos

I finally made another paper scrap! These photos were taken at Wal-mart when I was out in Indiana at the beginning of April. I just love them. I'm so happy we had them done as I'm sure they'll be something we'll treasure through the years. It's the first time I think any of us have been in a professional picture with my dad. So that was great.
Here's the details. Paper is We R Memory Keepers Hoopla collection. Ink is Colorbox Rose Petals. Random rub-ons and random acrylic stamp (together).
On other news...this weekend is conversion weekend for the bank I work at. Very stressful time, but kind of exciting too as we get to learn new things and offer new products. Should be interesting. It's also Memorial Day weekend! We're having a BBQ in a few hours here, so I really should get ready for that...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

For a challenge...

Elena is hosting a great chat and challenge session over at the Memory Works forum. She gave us an ad and we were to construct a layout based on it. Here's the ad in case anyone wants to play along...haha.

Also, Megan's mom recently posted this on her blog...if anyone can help, we definitely appreciate it!

If we could ask a favor, those of you who are so inclined, could you look me up on Facebook (Vicki Nurnberger nurnberv@gmail.com) and look for the add on called "Fund my Phone". This is the phone that Megan has for emergencies and for texting her friends. We pay by the minute on there, and we have been using quite a few of mom and dad's minutes this month already. If you go there, they will ask you to view a couple ads. For every 4 ads watched, Megan earns a minute on her phone. It would be great, and she'll be able to use it for talking with her friends too.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another chihuahua scrap...

My sister asked me to do another chihuahua page for her of her other new mama. How could I resist when she sent me such a cute photo? Kit is Cotton Candy by Mandy Mystiques.

On a sadder front, my niece, Megan, was diagnosed with leukemia on Friday (May 9th). She's being strong so far. She had a lumbar puncture done yesterday for her first round of chemo. I'm still in shock, as is the whole family. She lives in Minnesota, so I can't get to visit her quickly. We're hoping for July... Please keep her in your prayers...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

California trip

So I just got back from California late Monday night. I had a great time with great friends and have over 1000 pictures to go through and thin out and then get to scrapping. But right now I'm just plain TIRED! I had to work Tuesday and Wednesday and today was my day off. I had hoped to sleep the day away, but my mom called at 9:30 and ruined that plan. We went shopping to get my husband something for his birthday...and I'm going to aerobics tonight so I'll be ready for bed when I'm done with that. So...here's a few of my favorite photos for now, I'm sure I'll be back to scrapping in no time...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

More Pups

Just scrapping another picture of my sister's puppies. Nothing too exciting.
I have friends coming over this afternoon to scrapbook the day away. Can't wait!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!

My sister's a chihuahua breeder...she had 3 pregnant chihuahuas...now she has 3 mommas! Glory had one pup, Daisy had 6!! (sadly 1 died), and Mulan had 3. This is my first page of many I'm surely going to make for her. If you'd like to see pictures of the puppies individually, you can view my sisters website here.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April Calendar Page

I finally got to my April calendar page. I really really like this one. I got a great shot of my one flowering bush outside...and it just inspired me. It's such a beautiful day out right now considering it's supposed to be raining. I think that part is coming, unfortunately. The papers are from Piggy Tales, Gretel collection. And, I just noticed I have my dates a day off...sigh...I'll have to fix that soemhow.
My sister called a bit ago to tell me one of her chihuahuas is in labor. Unfortunately, it's not poor Daisy who looks like she's ready to pop...but Glory. I'm sure I'll be scrapping some puppy pages for her in the not too distant future.
I also did this layout today...boy I've been busy! This one is for a challenge on the Memory Works boards. It's always great when challenges get me motivated to actually do some paper scrapping! The challenge was to use yellow, hopefully I lived up to it...haha.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Megan & Grace

My darling nieces, Megan and Grace. They live in Minnesota, so I don't get to see them too often. I took these pictures while I was home in Indiana at the beginning of the month. God was smiling on our trips, and they just happened to coincide with each other. Always exciting when something unplanned works out so well. Hopefully we'll be able to plan a trip to meet up again like that soon.
In other news...in just over a week (April 29th) I'll be heading to California for a visit with my friends. They're traveling nurses. They just started doing that last fall. First they were in Texas, and I unfortunately didn't get to visit them there. This time they're in California, and I can't miss an opportunity like this. It worked out so well because her mom is going out to see them, but didn't really want to fly alone. I can't wait. VACATION!
Scrapping got cancelled this afternoon...but I went ahead and scrapped a bit anyways. I did this for a journaling challenge at Memory Works. They wanted us to focus on journaling in the layout. So I found this great picture of my grandma reading to us kids like she did pretty much every day and it all stemmed from there.

The paper is by Fancy Pants, rubon is Basic Grey and photo corners are American Crafts.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

More challenges...some good news today...

This one was a "scraplift" challenge. We were given the name of a Digital Candy member and were told to go into their gallery and choose one of their layouts to lift. This round it was LoriJ. She has tons of beautiful stuff, but I finally decided to use her Beautiful Girls layout.

And this was the candy jar challenge. Mandy Mystiques supplied a mini kit and we had to use every element in it. That wasn't hard, her kits are always fantastic! This is a picture of my little sister's chihuahua, Bobo, smelling "flowers." Funny thing is, those flowers are fake and attached to her flip flops. I just looove this photo.

Now, the good news. I went for my day 21 testing today to see how the Clomid worked. Hooray! I ovulated. It was very painful for me, and apparently that's due to a huge cyst on my ovary. So, now I wait 2 weeks and see if I get my period or a pregnancy test... Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mom's Wedding

Another challenge over at Digital Candy inspired this fun layout. I had a blast trying to squeeze a bunch of photos into one layout. We were given the template to make our own, and this is my interpretation. I kind of want all of these papers and elements in real life so I can play with them, the colors are just too sweet. The kit is the Promise Collection from Shabby Princess.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dad & Megan

Just a page I threw together quick. I love this picture my sister took of my niece and my dad at a park in Indiana, so I wanted to scrap it... Kit is Spring Breeze from Andrea Dickinson.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hershey Park

Last summer my sisters, cousin and 2 of my friends and I all went to Hershey Park on a nice, sunny day. I finally scrapped a bit of it. I do have some paper scraps done of this day, but my first digital ones. Kit is Flower Power by Golden Girls.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Busy scrapping day...

I got another scrapbook page done today. An actual paper one! Amazing, I know. But I just couldn't wait to use some of my new goodies from Memory Works. I used the new Sultry kit by Basic Grey. The heart sticker and arrow sticker were also part of the kit found here. I really love that paisley paper. I might have to get another kit so I can have more of it. I put a rub-on on the picture, it's from Basic Grey, Sultry as well. I inked the edges of the heart sticker with Colorbox fluid chalk. I love that stuff. And the pink alpha is by Three Bugs in a Rug. I had fun putting this little layout together.

**Updated with a much better picture of the layout. I actually figured out how to make it work with my scanner. So tech savvy...haha!

Digital challenges

Have I mentioned before that I love the challenges over at Digital Candy? Well, I do. Here are two more entries I did this month.

This one was a challenge to take an ad out of a magazine and use it like a sketch to create your layout.

And this one was a lyric challenge. Using the lyrics from Sarah McLachlan's Ordinary Miracles. Wow. What a song! You can click here to see the video. It's from Charlotte's Web, so maybe you've heard it before...but I hadn't.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Some challenge entries

I'm back from my fun, quick trip home to Indiana. I finally got rested up, and now I'm starting on some challenges. I love the ones Lacey is posting over at Memory Works. On this project, she gave us the "ingredients" of flower(s), tag(s) and ribbon(s). I made a cute little book to put pictures of my nieces in for my sister in Minnesota...once I get the pictures printed I'll just have to pop them in and get it in the mail.

This one was a "recipe" of a sketch for us to turn into a layout. I'm not sure that I am in love with it, I may do a bit of tweaking later on. We'll see.

Now I should probably get back to laundry and all that fun stuff that piles up while you're away...but I may go check out what digital challenges I can find first. We'll see.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

April Desktop Calendar

Digital Candy always has some great challenges going on for digital scrapping. It keeps me motivated, so I just love it. Every month they give a kit to make a desktop calendar out of. I really loved how it came out this month, especially since I showcased my pretty kitty, Pebbles.

I'm so excited to be heading home tomorrow. It doesn't seem like it's really going to happen, but I already paid for my tickets, so I guess I had better go. HAHA! My sister from Minnesota whom I haven't seen in almost 2 years will be there also, so it will be like a big reunion. My dad has no idea that I'm coming, so I can't wait to surprise him!

Friday, March 28, 2008

An Easter LO

This Easter was nearly a bust. For years, my little sister has been keeping us all young and entertained with her passionate hunt for the Easter eggs. We were certain she was going to be "too old" this year, but she surprised us and said she wasn't. But Easter morning, she woke up sick. She didn't eat any ham or cranberry sauce at lunch (her favorite Easter treats) and she actually took a nap or two! Very strange behavior for her. She still insisted she'd hunt eggs as long as we hid them inside. So, we did, and she hunted. It was enjoyable until she got to the last few hard ones. Then she was just plain exhausted, so I helped her get the last ones into her basket and then she took another nap. What an Easter to remember! At least I remembered to take a few shots, even though there isn't much excitement to them.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Feb. and March calendars

So I got behind on Lacey's calendar challenge. I'm caught up now, and hopefully I'll stay that way. Here's my Feb. and March pages...only 9 more to go!

I'm headed home to Indiana on a quick trip to visit my dad come Monday. I can't wait. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor on March 17 (his birthday) and we've had a bit of a rocky road since. This is my first chance to get home and give him a hug. Luckily, they're feeling better about his prognosis everytime he goes to the doctor. They still don't know if it's cancer or not, and won't really know much more for at least 6 weeks. But for now, it's not as big a worry as it originally was...thank goodness!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A challenge entry and other random stuff...

There's a challenge at Digital Candy to scrap the music you love. It's to go into a "book about me" when you complete all of them. I missed the first few challenges, only found this site recently. But I thought this was such a neat idea! Here's my take. I have a very diverse taste in music, even though this doesn't make it seem like I do...haha. I just always find myself reaching for the same CDs when nothing else is pleasing me, and these just happen to be the girls...

That also made me remember this tag I made. Well, I've made several, but this is my most recent one. Haven't made one since...don't know when I will make my next...just thought I'd share.

On other news...I went to the doc yesterday morning to see if the Clomid worked...no dice. I have to up my dose...I'm sure I'm going to become such a lovely person to be around soon...I hope it's all worth it!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

An Alpha Freebie

I started out making a kit with wild and funky colors...finally talked myself out of it. But during the course of it, I made this alpha. I thought it's too cute to just throw away, so I'll pop it on here for free. Enjoy!

Download it here.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Through the Years

Scrapping at Jodi's on Sunday was a blast. I only got 3 pages done, though. LOL. I was too busy chattering and helping my friend's with theirs I guess. But, all together we completed 8 pages in 4 hours. So not too shabby. It was the first of many days like that, I hope. But, of course, I haven't taken any photos yet! (Shame on me!!) So, no new paper scraps to share yet. But I did make this cute digi page of me and my sister for a challenge over at Digital Candy. I used a kit from Digital Divas' Design called Country Cottage.

The challenge was to create a "timeline" with your photos. So, I found that pretty simple with my old photos. My sister and I had photos done every year from birth until she turned 18, I think...somewhere around there. Then we started getting lax about it and get them done every so often. Ah well...such is life when you grow up, I guess.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Well, this morning was such a pretty morning with fresh fallen snow and the sun shining...I couldn't resist snapping pictures before I headed off to work. The dogs were being extra cute, so I took a ton of them. I scrapped a few this afternoon. The kit is from Tatic and called Funny Nature.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to a friend's house to scrapbook with no interruptions and room to spread out. I need to pack up some papers and things to work with yet today so I'm all ready to go. I can't wait. It's been too long since I've paper scrapped. Then I'll have to take pictures and get them all uploaded...haha.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


More old photos. Yay! Still playing in digi-land. This kit came from petit moineaux and is called Orangeade.

Nothing else of any excitement is going on in these parts...so I guess that's all I'll post today. Oh! I don't think I'll get to my February calendar page in Feb. considering tomorrow's the last chance. I never got any good photos for it, but hopefully I'll figure out something so that I continue with the project.

Monday, February 25, 2008

I've been tagged...

...so I guess I'll play along...haha!

The Rules:
You must list one fact about yourself for each letter of your middle name. Each fact must begin with that letter. If you don't have a middle name, just use your maiden name. After you've been tagged, you need to up-date your blog with your middle name and answers. At the end of your post, you need to tag one person for each letter of your middle name.

My middle name is...Lee (Woohoo! Mine's short too!)

L...lefty! Yes, I'm a south-paw.

E...entertaining...at least people around me are generally laughing...hmmm.

E...ever-changing. Life makes changes, so I make changes. Interesting how that works.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A little freebie

I used to make digital scrap kits...I used to enjoy doing it too! So today, I decided to spend a micro-second of time and play a bit. I came up with some papers I sort of like. If you like them too, then feel free to download them and enjoy them. I'd love to hear what you think of them.

You can download them here.