Thursday, October 2, 2008

Checking back in...

Well alot of time has gone by, but not much has changed too drastically. The belly keeps getting bigger, even though I keep losing weight... I had my last day of work the end of August...hooray! Our county fair started the same day. I entered some of my pictures from California, and my surfer picture actually won 1st prize in the landscapes/seascapes division. I was quite surprised and happy. I had a horrible bladder infection the middle of September. And then we headed out to Indiana for a visit and a baby shower. Luckily, the morning sickness seems to be tapering off. I've had some very nauseous moments lately, but mostly due to pain from the bladder infection and now I think I have a rib out of place that I really need to make an appointment to have looked at, but keep forgetting. Over all I'm feeling more decent and restless. I want to do things, but don't know what those things are yet...and I don't quite have the energy/stamina to do much of anything, but my brain sure goes a mile a minute. I'm hoping to work on scrapbooking some once my husband goes back to work on Monday...but for this weekend we're going to try to get the old junk room cleaned out to be transformed into a baby's haven. Should be fun!

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