Thursday, June 26, 2008

Moment captured

So I tried to get my creative juices flowing again...I don't think that worked out too well here...but it's acceptable. I love this picture I took while out visiting my friends in California. It's a picture of Joe taking a picture of Loretta. I just think it's so fun...especially when I remember back to how I slid back off of the log I was sitting on and was basically laying down to take this shot. Really good memories.
They'll be home in July. I can't wait! They're planning on coming down for a visit. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze them into my busy friggin work schedule! It's been nuts! I work part-time people! How many part-timers do you know who get overtime? It's ridiculous. And to top that off, I got the stomach flu on top of morning sickness and landed myself in the ER with dehydration! I had to call off of work 3 days for that. I wish I could have been healthy and enjoyed that time off!
There's so much I would like to get done before the baby comes...and you can say, still have 7 months to big deal, plenty of time. But when you feel crappy and exhausted and work half of your life doesn't leave much time for doing the fun things. Hopefully things will slow down soon...but there's no sight of that for awhile...
On a plus side, I didn't get to go to the Memory Works retreat, but one of the nice ladies who did had a drawing for some goodies for us poor schmucks! Well, I won! Yippee! I can't wait to get my goodies! Thanks, Betsy!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No updates, oy!

Well, I've been a slacker lately, but with good reason. On June 2nd we found out at long last we are pregnant! Hooray, hoorah! But boy, my body knows it too! It seems like all I do is work and sleep so there's no time for scrapping or anything else at this point. I do seem to be waking up a bit more lately...not as sleepy...but pretty nauseated. Hopefully soon I'll feel better and ready to do my normal things again! We've already had blood tests to confirm and an ultrasound at my fertility doctor. My first OB appointment is on July 3rd. I can hardly wait!