Saturday, December 20, 2008

Getting closer

So tomorrow I'll be at 34 weeks...6 weeks to go. I can't believe it! I've been feeling healthier, with almost no nausea (KNOCK ON WOOD!!) which is great! I was sick with bronchitis for about 2 weeks and that was miserable as my lungs are already getting smushed by a baby and then they were full of crap to boot. I'm about over it now and starting to look forward to Christmas at least a little bit. We went Christmas shopping with my hubby's parents today and they kept trying to get me to pick stuff, but I just really have a hard time wanting anything for myself right now. I did pick up 2 huge paper stacks from DCVW at Joann's...I love the variety in them and they've always got something good for a themed page/album.
My sister and her husband are coming the day after Christmas and staying through the weekend. We've been busy trying to get the guest room/nursery cleaned up and presentable for their visit...but the bed is still covered COVERED in baby stuff. We'll get there, I'm is frustrating, though.
I also just found out my friends who are traveling nurses will finally be putting down "roots" for the next 2 1/2 years. Joe will be going back to school for nurse anesthethist (yeah, I can't spell that, forget it) in Philly so they'll be parking their hineys there for awhile. I'm super excited to have them back in the state again for a good while. And Philly will be cool because it's so rich in history, I can't wait to visit. AND it's close to NYC. Woohoo! I see many fun trips in the next few years...hopefully baby likes to travel.

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